V2.0.23 overview

Version 2.0.23 of the Joy Of Text Pro has now been released.

The main new addition, is the “Quick Send” feature, added to the Messages Tab. Using this feature, you can enter a list of phone numbers and send a message to them directly, without first adding them into a group.


Joy Of Text Pro - Quick Send

A new shortcode [jotgroupsend] has been added, to allow you to send a message to all members of a single group. If individuals in your organisation need the ability to send messages to a group, but you don’t want them to have access to the WordPress Dashboard, then you can add this shortcode to a page and they can send messages to all members of the configured group, without going near the Dashboard.


The Message History tab has also been improved to show all messages, not just those that have been sent successfully. Under the covers, the plugin will also keep more information about the status of messages, which will be used in the next version of the plugin, to improve the reporting of message batches.