V2.0.15 currently in development…

Version 2.0.15 of the Joy Of Text Pro is currently under development.  The new features being developed include:

  • Enabled selection of all media types for MMS messages, allowing all media files supported by Twilio to be selected and send (US and Canada only).
  • Show message price when hovering over the status field on the History tab
  • Added subscriber notifications. Allowing an email or SMS message to be send to an admin, when a new there’s a new subscriber.
  • Added the additional member info fields, such as email address, address, city etc, to the member input form.
  • Added Woocommerce integration. Sync’ing Woo customers to be added to JOT groups.

Many of these enhancements have been suggested by existing customers, so please keep sending in your requirements.

Thank you,