We love this plugin

We were contracted by an organization that runs school buses to create an SMS alert capability for approximately 2500 parents in a geographic area of about 80,000 square kilometres, for when there are delays in buses. Because of harsh weather conditions, as well as danger from natural predators it was vital to our client that parents knew, when there were delays so that children were not left waiting outside.

After having searched through numerous SMS plugins, we settled on Joy of Text Pro. We installed it without flaw and everything was going fine, until we found out that our client was sending far more SMS messages through Twilio than we anticipated. We contacted Stuart and hired him to write a special function (now a core part of the plugin) to allow the plugin to rotate through a pool of purchased numbers with Twilio. Stuart was more than happy to help. He agreed instantly and did the work within a couple of days.

Our client now has become so reliant upon the capability provided by Joy of Text Pro, that when there’s a website issue and SMS cannot be sent – it creates a deluge of panicked phone calls to our client.

We love this plugin and have no regrets whatsoever with choosing it – we believe you won’t either.