Coming soon in the JOT pro plugin…….

Thank you for your suggestions of the new features you’d like added to the Joy Of Text Pro plugin. It’s been great to hear how you’re using the plugin and I really appreciate all of your feedback.

Version 2.0.10 is currently under development and will include the following features

  • The ability to send MMS picture messages (currently only available through Twilio in Canada and the US).
  • Support for WordPress Multisite, allowing the plugin to be installed in a WordPress network (a multi site licence will be required).
  • The addition of a new new user role called “Joy Of Text User”. A user created with the new role, will see the plugin available to them via the WordPress dashboard, allowing you to give non-admin users access to a restricted version of the plugin.
  • The addition of new capabilities called “JOT_user_capability” and “JOT_admin_capability”. Assigning the “JOT_user_capability” will add a link to the plugin in the WordPress dashboard. Users with granted “JOT_user_capability” will have be have some of the plugin’s options restricted, for example the SMS routing, remote commands and group invites options will be unavailable. Whilst users with the “JOT_admin_capability” capability, will have full unfettered access to all of the plugin’s functions.


The Joy Of Text Pro messaging tab

A sneak peak at the forthcoming MMS and message variable features.

Some other recently added features are:

  • The addition of %firstname%, %lastname% and %fullname% variables for inclusion in messages.
  • The inclusion voice gender and language options for text-to-voice messages.
  • The inclusion group member download button, allowing group members to be downloaded to a CSV file.
  • The addition of filtering on the “Message History” tab and messsage history retention options.
  • The ability to enter multiple numbers, separated by commas, on the subscription input form.
  • The inclusion of Group opt-out keywords, allowing subscribers to opt out of receiving messages.

All of these new functions have been suggested by you, so please keep the ideas coming.

Thank you,