New in the Joy Of Text Pro V3.0.0

The Joy Of Text Pro, Version 3.0.0, includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The significant enhancements are described below.


WordPress user database integration

Version 3.0.0 integrates JOT with the WordPress user database. A new tab has been added to the Settings, allowing you to enable integration.

Clicking the “Enable WP Integration” checkbox on the “WordPress Integration Settings” tab, adds a group selector list box and a phone field to the WordPress users’ profile and the WordPress Add New user page. 

Admin users can choose which group or groups to add users into, whilst admin and general subscriber users can enter their phone details.

All WP users are added into a group called “All WordPress Users”, which is shown on the Message and Group Manager tabs.

From the “WordPress Integration Settings” tab, you can also choose whether to add a phone number field to the site registration form.

WordPress users are shown on the Messages tab and the Member List, with a WP suffix, to differentiate them from standard JOT users.

New shortcodes

Two new shortcodes have been added to V3.0.0; [jotquicksend] displays the “quick send” dialog in a front end page. A new feature of the “quick send” is that names can be specified as well as numbers, as shown in the image below.

The [jotinbox] shows a list of sent and received messages, similar to the Message History tab.

Notification Settings

The Notification Settings have been change to allow separate notification messages to be defined for inbound messages and for new subscriptions.


Minor changes

There are a number of other enhancements in Version 3.0.0, including

  • A group search function.
  • A link added to the Member List tab, which will download the group’s members to a CSV file.
  • An option to enable Twilio’s Answer Machine Detection feature for outbound calls.
  • An option to enable debugging from the settings.