New in the Joy Of Text Pro V2.24.0

There are a number of new features in the new release of V2.24.0.

Enhancements to the [jotform] shortcode

The format of the [jotform] shortcode, used for accepting new subscribers, has been redesigned, giving it a more modern look and feel.


The shortcode can now accept multiple groups, allowing users to select which groups they wish to subscribe to.

The parameters accepted by the [jotform] shortcode are:

group_id – id of the groups. Can specify multiple groups, separated by commas
formstyle – permitted values are “new” or “old” – option for display old style form or the new form
multitype – permitted values are “select” – shows a drop down list. “multiselect” displays a multi-select list. “checkbox” displays a list of checkboxes, each representing a group.
name – permitted values are “yes” or “no”, to choose whether to display the name field.

For example:
[jotform group_id=19,20,21 multitype=select]


Subscription confirmation code

On each group’s Group Invite tab, there is now an option to send out a confirmation code, which needs to be entered during the [jotform] subscription process.

When you enable this setting, for [jotform] will include a ‘Get Confirmation Code’ button, which when pressed, will send a 4-digit code to the subscriber’s phone. To complete the subscription, the correct confirmation code has to be entered into the form.


Enhancing [jotgroupsend] shortcode.

Adding the parameter “member_select=yes” to the [jotgroupsend] shortcode, will display a list of the members in the specified groups.

For example, the [jotgroupsend] below, will display all members of groups 42 and 43

[jotgroupsend group_id=42,43 member_select=yes message_text_title='Enter message to be sent.' send_response='Thank you. The messages are on their way...' ]

Subscription manager keyword and merge tag.

On the Messaging-Settings-Inbound Message Settings page, you can specify a keyword, which will show members their current subscriptions.


For example, in the image above, the keyword is set to “mygroups”. When a user sends a text to your Twilio number containing the word ‘mygroups’, they will receive a text message containing a list of all the groups they are currently subscribed to, with the opt-in and opt-out keywords shown for each group.

The keyword you’ve selected for managing your subscriptions can be included in your outgoing messages, by using the new merge tag %jot_submgr%.


The full list of changes in V2.24.0 can be found in the Changelog