Settings tab

The “Settings” tab

Within this tab, the authentication details for Twilio are entered and the settings relating to licensing,  inbound message handling, notifications and some general settings can be configured.

The Settings tab is split into the following subsection:

Get Started

Use this subsection to enter your Twilio Acccount SID and your Twilio Authentication Token. These are obtained from Twilio, when you register for your account.

Once you have entered your Twilio account details, press the Save button. The phone numbers drop down list, will then be populated with your Twilio phone numbers. Select the number you want to send messages from and press the Save button again.



Twilio Account SID

Enter the Account SID number that you received when you registered with Twilio.

Twilio Auth Token

Enter the Twilio Auto Token that you received when you registered with Twilio.

Phone Numbers

Once you have entered and saved your Twilio account details, this dropdown will contain your Twilio master phone number and any sub-account numbers. Select the number you wish to SMS and voice messages from. Click the “Save Settings” button to remember your selected number.

Your country code

The plugin will verify that each phone number entered through the admin screens or through the subscriber web forms is valid. The number is sent to Twilio for validation.  To validate the number, Twilio requires a country code, as it will prefix the number with the country code in order to validate it. Use this field to select your country code. The default code is for the United States.


Licence key settings

If you’ve purchased any of the extensions for JOT Lite, you will be sent a licence key. Entering and activating your licence key will enable automatic updates, available from the WordPress dashboard. When new versions of the plugin are available, they will be posted on this site and you’ll get a notification on your WP dashboard that an upgrade is available.



General Settings


Voice preferences

You can use these settings to select the gender and the accent of the voice used when making text-to-voice calls.

Select Voice – select a male or female voice for the text-to-voice calls.

Select Voice Language – select the language/accent for text-to-voice calls.