Messages tab

The “Messages” tab.

Use this screen to construct and send your SMS or text-to-voice messages.



Select message recipients

Use this dialog to select whole groups or individuals within groups.

Enter your message
Within this field, enter your message. The message can contain the special merge tags shown below:

  • %name% – when the message is sent, this tag is replaced by the message recipients full name.
  • %number% – the tag is replaced by the recipients phone number.
  • %lastpost% – the tag is replaced by the URL of your last blog post.

Message suffix
From this tab, you can also specify a message suffix, that will be appended to all messages.

Send message as
Use the radio buttons to specify whether your message is sent as:

  • an SMS message. The text entered in the “Enter your message” box, will be used as the body of your SMS message. Any tags you’ve used will be replaced before the message is sent.
  • a voice message. For voice messages, the text you enter will be converted (by Twilio) to speech, which is played to your chosen recipients when they answer their phones.