Group Manager tab

The “Group Manager” tab


Use this tab to add new groups and update existing groups. Click on the “Add Group” button to add a new group, giving the group a unique name and a description.

A default group is created for you when the JOT plugin is first installed. This and all of the groups you’ve created are shown in the table below the “Add Group” button.

The group details are shown in three tabs:

Group Details

This tab allows the existing group name and description to be updated.


Member List


This tab allows:

  • New members to be added to the group.
  • For updates of the name and number of existing members
  • For the deletion of existing group members.

To add a new member, enter their details into the top row of the table and press the + button.

To update an existing member, update their details and press the ‘floppy disk’ save button, next to their details.

To delete an existing member, press the X button next to their details.

Group Invite


From the “Group Invite” tab you can construct a form which you can place on your website, to invite your website visitors to subscribe to SMS/voice message updates.

You can choose whether to send the subscribes an SMS message containing a welcome message.

The HTML for your form is provided on this tab or you can choose to use the shortcode [jotform].

On this tab, you can construct a new form containing a description and two entry fields:

  • Text for description field. The description is displayed at the top of the form.
  • Text for name field. Here you can specify the label for the name field.
  • Text for number field. Here you can specify the label for the number field.

Send welcome message. Check this box if you want to send an SMS message to new subscribers (i.e. people who have entered their name and number into your form to subscribe to your group).

Enter welcome message. If you’ve clicked the option above, then enter your welcome message here. You can use the special tags shown below in your welcome message:

  • %name% – when the message is sent, this tag is replaced by the message recipients full name.
  • %number% – the tag is replaced by the recipients phone number.

Invite form shortcode. If you’d prefer, use the shortcode shown in this field to create your tailored invitation form. A variation of the shortcode is available, if you do not require the subscribers name to be entered, then you can use the shortcode :

[jotform id={group id} name=no].