JOTOPTOUT subscription opt-out shortcode

You can create a group opt-out form using the JOTOPOUT shortcode. This allows current members to manage their group subscriptions through a form, rather than using texted opt-out keywords.

Members enter their phone number and their existing group memberships will be displayed. The member will be sent a confirmation code, which they must correctly enter  to unsubscribe from one or more groups.



The syntax of the command is:

[jotoptout enter_number_text='Please enter your phone number' enter_number_button='List your current groups' current_groups_text= "Select the groups you want to unsubscribe from." unsubscribe_button='Unsubscribe now']


  • enter_number_text is the title of the form
  • enter_number_button is the label assigned to the button used to retrieve the current list of groups, the entered number is subscribed to.
  • current_groups_text is the label displayed once the subscription groups are returned.
  • unsubscribe_button is the label of the unsubscribe button.

All of these parameters are optional, if they are omitted, default values will be used.