JOTFORM subscription form shortcode

The [jotform] shortcode creates a form which can be embedded into your site’s WordPress pages. The shortcode creates a subscription form, allowing your site’s visitors to subscribe to one or more groups.

The form’s title and the labels for the name and phone number field can be configured on the Group Invite tab (go to Messaging-Group Manager-{click on a group}-Group Invite).

The shortcode can accept multiple groups, allowing users to select which groups they wish to subscribe to.

The parameters accepted by the [jotform] shortcode are:

group_id – id of the groups. Can specify multiple groups, separated by commas
formstyle – permitted values are “new” or “old” – option for display old style form or the new form
multitype – permitted values are “select” – shows a drop down list. “multiselect” displays a multi-select list. “checkbox” displays a list of checkboxes, each representing a group.
name – permitted values are “yes” or “no”, to choose whether to display the name field.


[jotform id=19]

Creates a subscription form for a single group, group 19.

[jotform id=19 name=no]

Creates a subscription form for group 19, without the name field.

[jotform group_id=19,20,21 multitype=checkbox]

Creates a subscription form for groups 19,20 and 21. The 3 group options are shown as check boxes, as shown below.


Subscription confirmation code

On each group’s Group Invite tab, there is an option to send out a confirmation code, which needs to be entered during the [jotform] subscription process.

When you enable this setting, for [jotform] will include a ‘Get Confirmation Code’ button, which when pressed, will send a 4-digit code to the subscriber’s phone. To complete the subscription, the correct confirmation code has to be entered into the form.