JOT Version 2.0.11 now released

The latest version of the Joy Of Text pro is now available for download.

The latest version, V2.0.11 includes the following new features:

  • Automatic updates from the WordPress dashboard and a licence key.
  • Allows a subscription keyword to be specified for each group. People can text the keyword to your Twilio number to be subscribed to the group.
  • Added extended member information, such as email address, address, state, zipcode
  • Made it easier to select your message recipients, by adding a new “message recipients” dialog.
  • Allowing either a mobile phone number or an email address to be used for routing of inbound SMS messages.
  • Option to simplify message history, showing only the latest message in each conversation thread.
  • Added member name (if known) on message history.
  • Included default sender ID used for welcome and opt-out messages
  • Changed the database layout, so there is only one record for each phone number.
  • Twilio number verification and country codes – new numbers entered will be verified by Twilio, to ensure the number is valid.
  • Implementing auto-add groups. Allowing the numbers from inbound SMS messages to be automatically added to chosen groups.
  • Adding a welcome message for new inbound SMS numbers.
  • Made the routed SMS notication message configurable by an admin.
  • Added new commands for sending an SMS messages remotely.
  • Updated remote command syntax to allow forward slashes “/” or square brackets “[]” to be used for commands
  • Added a link to sent media in Message History.
  • Added field reset button on Messages tab.
  • Changed the character set and collation on the JOT database tables to support unicode characters.

Please try out the demo here

The next item on the development roadmap, is a new extension to the Pro version, that will allow SMS, voice and MMS messages to be scheduled. The scheduling plugin will be a separate downloadable plugin.

Thank you again for all of your suggestions and great comments. It’s really appreciated.