JOT Version 2.0.11 now in development…

Thank you for all the great feedback, since Version 2.0.10 was released at the end of May. There have been some great suggestions which I’m rolling into V2.0.11.

New features will include

  • Automatic updates from the WordPress dashboard and a licence key.
  • Allows a subscription keyword to be specified for each group. People can text the keyword to your Twilio number to be subscribed to the group.
  • Added extended member information, such as email address, address, state, zipcode
  • Made it easier to select your message recipients, by adding a new “message recipients” dialog.
  • Allowing either a mobile phone number or an email address to be used for routing of inbound SMS messages.
  • Option to simplify message history, showing only the latest message in each conversation thread.
  • Added member name (if known) on message history.
  • Included default sender ID used for welcome and opt-out messages
  • Changed the database layout, so there is only one record for each phone number.
  • Twilio number verification and country codes – new numbers entered will be verified by Twilio, to ensure the number is valid.
  • Implementing auto-add groups.  Allowing the numbers from inbound SMS messages to be automatically added to chosen groups.
  • Adding a welcome message for new inbound SMS numbers.
  • Made the routed SMS notication message configurable by an admin.
  • Added new commands for sending an SMS messages remotely.
  • Updated remote command syntax to allow forward slashes “/” or square brackets “[]” to be used for commands
  • Added a link to sent media in Message History.
  • Added field reset button on Messages tab.
  • Changed the character set and collation on the JOT database tables to support unicode characters.

Thank you for all the interest and all the brilliant suggestions. If you’d like to be notified when the new version is released, please send an SMS to +442033898712. Your number will be automatically added to a group, using the new auto-add feature!

All the best,