JOT MemberPress Integration

The JOT MemberPress integration plugin, creates JOT groups for each Membership level defined within MemberPress. Each group is populated with MemberPress members, who have active subscriptions.

The plugin, adds a new screen to the JOT Settings, where you can choose the MemberPress custom field used for the member phone number.


MemberPress settings tab
The MemberPress membership levels are shown on the Messages tab as JOT groups. You can select MemberPress members from the groups and send messages to them, just as you would standard JOT users.
MemberPress integration on the Messages tab


The MemberPress levels are shown as ‘virtual’ groups on the Group Manager tab, clicking on a group will open a reduced set of sub-tabs. If you have the Notifier extension, you can configure the post notification settings on the Group Notification tab as usual.

MemberPress Group Manager tab
JOT creates the virtual  and populates the virtual groups by accessing the membership information directly from MemberPress. If a change is made within MemberPress, then the change is reflected immediately in JOT.  For example, if a new membership level is created within MemberPress, then the equivalent virtual group for the new level will be displayed in JOT, by clicking on or refreshing the JOT Messages or Group Manager tab.
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