JOT and Gravity Forms integration

JOT and Gravity Forms integration

If you have Gravity Forms (GF) installed, you can create a JOT user group and use a Gravity Form to invite your users to subscribe to the group. For example, in the image below, the Gravity Form called “Registration” is being used to collect user input for the selected Joy Of Text group.

JOT Pro and Gravity Forms integration

To use a Gravity Form to collect subscription details:
  • Create a Gravity Form form, which includes a phone number field.
  • In JOT, go to the Group Manager tab and create a group or select an existing group.
  • Click on the Gravity Forms sub-tab.
  • Select a Gravity Form from the drop down list. The screen will refresh, showing all of the fields JOT can accept and drop down showing all of the fields available in the Gravity Form.
  • Map the JOT fields to the Gravity Form. Data entered into the Gravity Form by an end user, will be used to populate the corresponding mapped JOT field.
  • Save your mappings.
  • Display the GF form on your site, enter and submit the data as normal. When users enter their phone numbers into the Gravity Form, the phone number is sent to Twilio, for verification. Assuming a valid phone number has been entered, the data will be added to the JOT group and a “welcome” message will be sent (if configured).

Using Gravity Forms to subscribe to multiple JOT Groups


The process described above, maps a Gravity Form to a single JOT group i.e. when the form is submitted, the subscriber will be added to a single JOT group. To allow users to select one or more JOT groups, then first add a field to your form, showing the available options. This may be a checkbox, radio button or drop down list. The image below shows an example using checkboxes.

The value shown next to each option, corresponds to a JOT Group ID.

Next go to Messaging-Group Manager and select one of the groups you’ve allowed as options, using the example above, you could open JOT group 110. Select the Gravity Forms sub tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and using the drop down next to the JOT Group ID field, select that name of the Gravity Form multiple choice field, you created earlier.  Press the “Save form details” button.

When a user completes the Gravity Form, they can select the groups they’d like to subscribe to. For example, the user Robert Thomas, will be added to groups 107,108 and 110.


Adding an opt-in field to Gravity Forms.


To given users the option of positively opting into receiving SMS messages, an opt-in checkbox field can be added to your Gravity Form. For example,  the image below shows a checkbox field, called SMS Opt in,  with the label “Click if you want to receive SMS messages”. The value assigned to the field, if the checkbox is checked is true.


You then need to tell JOT which Gravity Form field is being used for the opt in, as shown below:

When the form is submitted, the users’ details will only be added to JOT, if the user has selected the opt-in checkbox.