Get Started – Joy Of Text Pro

Follow the instructions below to get started with the Joy Of Text Pro plugin.


  • Step 1 – Get your account from
    • To use this plugin you’ll need a Twilio account.
    • Register an account at, purchase a phone number and get your unique ‘Twilio Account SID’ and ‘Twilio Auth Token’
    • Go to Messaging-Settings-Twilio Settings and enter your ‘Twilio Account SID’ and ‘Twilio Auth Token’ and press the ‘Save Settings’ button.
    • Your Twilio number(s) should then be displayed, so select the number you want to send your messages from.
    • Select the country you are in. The plugin and Twilio need to know this, to check that the member phone numbers you’ve entered are valid.
    • Press the ‘Save Settings’ button and move to Step 2.
    • Note: It’s recommended that you setup a Messaging Service from the Twilio dashboard, which will send the messages from the plugin to Twilio quicker and offers advanced features like a number pool.
  • Step 2 – Activate your licence keys
    • Go to Messaging-Settings-Licence Keys to activate your licence key. This will enable automatic plugin updates through the WordPress dashboard.
    • To activate the licences, enter your key(s) and press the ‘Activate Licence’ key.
    • Press the ‘Save Settings’ button and move to Step 3.
  • Step 3 – Add some members to a group
    • To add members, go to the Group Manager tab, click on a group name, then select the ‘Member List’ tab. Enter the new member’s details and press the ‘floppy disk’ icon to save.
    • For example, click Group Manager-Member List and add members to the group.
    • Once you’ve added some members, move to Step 4./li>
  • Step 4 – Send some messages
    • Go to the Messages tab, select one or more members, enter the message text and press ‘Send your messages’.
    • Click on the Message History tab, to see the history of your successful messages.
    • From the Message History tab, click on one of the history items to open the ‘virtual phone’, allowing you to send messages to the same recipient.
  • Step 5 – Create a form.
    • Go to the Group Manager-Group Invite tab to tailor your member subscription form.
    • You can create a subscription form for each group you add.
    • In the Group Invite tab, you’ll see the HTML to create the form or you can use the provided shortcode.
    • Add the HTML or shortcode to the appropriate page on your website.
  • Step 6 – Receive SMS messages (including Opt-outs).
    • To receive SMS messages and group subscription opt-outs into the plugin, you need to configure the ‘A MESSAGE COMES IN’ field in your Twilio account.
    • You can do this manually, or you can use the ‘Configure’ button or the Messaging-Settings-Twilio Settings page
    • To configure manually, following the steps below.
      1. Login to your Twilio account, select your numbers and configure the ‘Messaging’ section.
      2. Configure the ‘A MESSAGE COMES IN’ field, to use Webhooks and enter the URL:
      3. Once the ‘A MESSAGE COMES IN’ is configured, Twilio will route SMS messages sent to your Twilio number, to the JOT plugin.
    • You can see received SMS messages in the Message History tab.
    • Can you choose to be notified when an SMS is received, in the Messaging-Settings-Notification tab.