The Joy Of Text MemberMouse extension (JOT-MM) allow you to synchronise your MemberMouse members with the JOT database.

MemberMouse extension to the JOT Pro plugin

When activated, the JOT-MM plugin appears as an additional tab in the JOT plugin.

From this tab you can map your MemberMouse membership levels onto JOT groups. For example, if you have a MemberMouse  membership level called ” MM Gold”, you can choose to synchronise this with an existing  Joy Of Text group also called, say “JOT Gold”.

In many countries website users must be given the option of specifically opting-in to receiving SMS messages. If you have created an ‘opt-in to SMS’ custom field in Member Mouse, then from the MemberMouse Sync tab, you can select the custom field you’ve used for the opt-in and the value of that field that signifies a user has opted in.

For example, if you’ve created a custom field called “optin_checkbox” in MemberMouse , then you can select this field and the value which indicates that someone has opted-in (i.e. the checkbox is checked). JOT will then only synchronise MemberMouse members who have checked the “optin_checkbox”

To synchronise MemberMouse with JOT, press the “Sync MM to JOT now” button. During the synchronisation process, the current members of the target JOT group are deleted and the group is repopulated with the members from the source MemberMouse group. A log is displayed showing the status of the sychronisations.

You can initiate a synchronisation using the MemberMouse push notifications or a scheduled cron job, by calling See this link for details of the MemberMouse push notifications.

This MemberMouse plugin extension requires the Joy Of Text Pro plugin.

Since refunds will not be issued after the completion of an order, please contact if you require further clarification about the plugin’s features before purchasing.

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Joy Of Text Pro MemberMouse Extension
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