The EDD SMS Admin Extension plugin is an add-on to the free plugin, which gives you access to a number of Easy Digital Downloads admin functions from your mobile phone.

Using your phone you can:

  • Retrieve details about your the most recent sale.
  • Retrieve product data.
  • Retrieve sales statistics.
  • Retrieve information about your discount codes.
  • Allows you to resend purchase receipts a customer.

To use these functions, you issue commands contained in a text message, which are sent to your Twilio full or free trial number.

For example, to retrieve today’s sales figures, you’d send a text message to your Twilio number containing the command:

{pin number} edd stats

this command will reply to your number with an SMS message containing the number and value of today’s sales.

Notice that each commmand is configured with a PIN number, which you configure from the EDD extension settings page.


To use the plugin you need a full or trial Twilio account and Easy Digital Downloads!


Download the plugin, then install and activate it using the WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Easy Digital Download’s Settings-Extension tab to enter the settings for the EDD SMS Admin plugin.

To complete the settings you’ll need:

Complete the settings and press Save.  The “Twilio Phone Number” field will be populated with all of your available Twilio numbers, so select one and press Save again.


Once you’ve configured the plugin settings and Twilio, you’re ready to issue commands from the mobile phone, that you specified in the Admin Phone Number field. Send the commands to your Twilio number, the plugin will query your EDD data and will return a text message containing the information you’ve asked for.

The following commands are available:
{pin} edd details – retrieves information about your EDD setup
{pin} edd sales – retrieves only the most recent sale
{pin} edd sales id=<sales_id> – retrieves information about the selected sale
{pin} edd products id=<product_id> – retrieves information about the selected product
{pin} edd stats date=[this_month|last_month|today|yesterday|this_quarter|last_quarter|this_year|last_year] – provides sales details for the chosen period.
{pin} edd stats start-date=01/02/2014 end-date=02/23/2014 – provides sales stats for the given date range.
{pin} edd stats date=last_year product=15 – can be used to provide sales data for specific product.
{pin} edd discounts id=all (retrieve summary of all discounts)
{pin} edd discounts id=<discount_id> – provides details of the selected discount code
{pin} edd help – lists all of the available EDD SMS commands
{pin} edd resend id=<sales_id> – resend receipt to purchaser

The small print.

Since refunds will not be issued after the completion of an order, please contact jotplugin@gmail.com if you require further clarification about the plugin’s features before purchasing.


The EDD SMS Admin Settings

The EDD SMS Admin Settings

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Easy Digital Downloads SMS Admin Extension
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