WordPress user database integration

JOT Pro can be integrated with the WordPress user database.

Clicking on Messaging-Settings-WordPress Integration Settings, displays the options available for integrating with the WordPress user database.

Clicking the “Enable WP Integration” checkbox on the “WordPress Integration Settings” tab, adds a group selector list box and a phone field to the WordPress users’ profile and the WordPress Add New user page.

From the “WordPress Integration Settings” tab, you can also choose whether to add a phone number field to the site registration form.

When phone numbers are entered in the new user, user profile or registration forms, JOT checks that the numbers are valid (by sending them to Twilio for validation) and are not duplicated (i.e. not already assigned to another WordPress user). An error message will be displayed if the number is not valid, or if the number is duplicated. The text of the error messages can be changed on the “WordPress Integration Settings” page.

On the each user profile page, a list of JOT groups is shown, along with a phone number field Admin users can choose which group or groups to add users into, whilst admin and general subscriber users can enter their phone details.

All WP users are added into a group called “All WordPress Users”, which is shown on the Message and Group Manager tabs.

From the “WordPress Integration Settings” page you can also specify a default JOT group into which new users are added (in addition to the “All WordPress Users” group).

WordPress users are shown on the Messages tab and the Member List, with a WP suffix, to differentiate them from standard JOT users.