WordPress user database integration

WordPress user database integration

By default, JOT lets you add members into its own database tables, however JOT can be integrated with the WordPress user database, allowing you to add existing WP users to JOT groups and then use JOT to manage SMS/MMS messaging to those existing WP users.

Clicking on Messaging-Settings-WordPress Integration Settings, displays the options available for integrating with the WordPress user database.

JOT WordPress Integration Settings

Use existing phone number field : If you already have a meta field used for holding user phone number data, then you can enter it into this field. JOT will use this field when it populates its groups.  For example, if you’ve selected the “create role based” groups option, then a group will be created for each custom and built-in role, for each member of these groups, the phone number value, will be taken from the meta field you’ve specified.

JOT lists out existing meta fields (taken from the wp_usermeta table), that appear from their names, to be related to phone numbers.

Role based groups : Selecting this option will create a group for each WordPress custom and built-in role. If an existing phone number field has not been specified above, then the value held in the custom field jot_profile_phonenumber  will be used.

You can choose to only display custom role groups, by clicking the “hide standard roles” check box.

A default group, called “All WordPress Users” will also be creating, containing all WordPress users!


Add phone field to profile and user registrations

Clicking the “add phone number field” check box, will the custom field jot_profile_phonenumber  to WP user profiles.

Clicking “Show JOT groups” will add a list box containing all available JOT groups, into the WP user profile edit page. This is only visible to site admins, who can choose which JOT groups to add users into.

You can also choose whether to add a phone number field to the site registration form.

When phone numbers are entered in the new user, user profile or registration forms, JOT checks that the numbers are valid (by sending them to Twilio for validation) and are not duplicated (i.e. not already assigned to another WordPress user). An error message will be displayed if the number is not valid, or if the number is duplicated. The text of the error messages can be changed on this settings page.

From the “WordPress Integration Settings” page you can also specify a default JOT group into which new users are added (in addition to the “All WordPress Users” group).

WordPress users are shown on the Messages tab and the Member List, with a WP suffix, to differentiate them from standard JOT users.