JOTGROUPSEND – Send to group shortcode

You can create a form allowing you to enter a message. When the form is submitted, the message will be send to all members of a group
An example of the short code format is shown below:
[jotgroupsend group_id=20,25 member_select=yes message_text_title='Enter message to be sent to the groups' send_response='Thank you. The messages are on their way...' send_type='dripfeed']


  • group_id is a mandatory field and is the numeric id of the group you want to send the messages to.
  • member_select=yes displays the members of the specified groups. Members of the group can be selected/deselected as required.
  • message_text_title is the title of the message field
  • send_response is the message displayed once the form has been submitted.
  • send_type is optional, by default all messages are sent immediately, however the sender must stay on the page, otherwise the message sends will not complete.
  • message_type is optional,  by default messages are sent as SMS message.  To send messages as calls use message_type=call. Sending MMS messages from this shortcode is not currently implemented.
 As an alternative, the send_type can be set to ‘dripfeed’ which  will queue all of the messages, then will send the messages in batches of 100 every 10 minutes. To ensure the batches are send reliably and consistently, it’s advisable to setup a cron job as described here ->