JOT Users and Capabilities

JOT users and capabilities.

The JOT Pro plugin includes a new user role called “Joy Of Text User”, which can be assigned to non-admin users and which will give them access to the plugin, without giving them access to the WordPress Administrators dashboard.

The “Joy Of Text User” role also hides the JOT “Settings” tab and the “Group Invites” tab.

The plugin also includes two user capabilities, which can be assigned to existing WordPress user roles, using a tool such as the User Role Editor:

  • jot_admin_capability – this capability gives the user access to all of the JOT menus and options. For example, if you wished to give a user with the role “Subscriber” access to all of the JOT Pro’s functions, you could assign the jot_admin_capability to this subscriber type user.
  • jot_user_capability – this capability restricts access to JOT’s “Settings” and “Group Invite” tab. For example, assigning the jot_user_capability to a “Subscriber” would give this user access to the JOT plugin, but not the  “Settings” and “Group Invite” tab.