Joy Of Text Pro Changelog

Version 3.3.4

  • NEW: Added hook which can be called when an incoming message is received.
  • NEW: Add banned numbers field, which will stop specified numbers from subscribing to groups.
  • NEW: Display Twilio number friendly name next to each number.
  • NEW: Allow multiple media items to be sent via MMS.
  • NEW: Add link to A2P 10DLC guidance on Get Started page.
  • NEW: Sorted Group Manager list by group name.
  • NEW: Added message_content attribute to the JOTGROUPSEND shortcode, so the message fields can be prefilled.
  • NEW: Added message_content and send_to_numbers attributes to the JOTQUICKSEND shortcode, so the message field and recipient numbers can be prefilled.
  • FIX: Change JOTGROUPSEND to allow messages of 640 characters.
  • FIX: Error on array_search when called from Quick Send.
  • FIX: Remove 320 character limit on the GET GROUPs command
  • FIX: Fix bug which stopped URLs being send through mobile commands


  • FIX: Fixed undefined constant errors.


  • NEW: Improved data validation and sanitization.
  • NEW: Added a filter allowing specified WP roles to be filtered out of role-based groups.
  • FIX: Group member counts were not accurate when group included WP members. Now fixed.

Version 3.3.3

  • NEW: Changed Message tab such that members aren’t preloaded, improving page performance.
  • NEW: Improved the member search on the Message Tab.
  • NEW: Implemented the Twilio Notify API to improve message sending reliability.
  • NEW: Added status specific notifications for WooCommerce orders
  • NEW: Added filter which can be used to check additional criteria before sending out the WooCommerce order notification messages.
  • NEW: Adding housekeeping of Batch Manager history
  • NEW: Added the name of the WP user sending the message to the Message History and Batch Manager.
  • NEW: Enabled copying of WP users into JOT groups.
  • FIX: Added fix to retry status updates, if previously there had been an error connecting to Twilio.
  • FIX: Issue where licence keys were not being retained on multisite installations.
  • FIX: Made JOT Member ID field a bigint, due to issues with WordPress userid on some sites.
  • FIX: Removed auto update on jot_messqschedts field.
  • FIX: Removed double quotes from CSV file when doing bulk imports.
  • FIX: Remove JOT toolbar link for users who do not have the jot_admin capability.
  • FIX: Removed virtual groups from WooCommerce sync.
  • FIX: Made remove duplicates the default and no longer selectable.
  • FIX: Undefined offset error when using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.
  • FIX: Improved number to name conversion for WP members on Message History tab.

Version 3.3.2

  • NEW: Add warning notification when debugging is left enabled and auto-delete debug log file, when debugging has been disabled.
  • NEW: Added message status updates to Batch Manager.
  • NEW: Indicate the size of notification and admin groups to ensure a large group is not incorrectly selected.
  • NEW: Added Twilio account balance display on Twilio Settings tab.
  • FIX: Changed the way the Message History updates the message statuses, making the page load much quicker.
  • FIX: WP footer issue on the Message History tab.
  • FIX: Stop double clicking on the “Send message” button.
  • FIX: “Invalid number” error, when saving user profile, due to chosen custom phone field not being in the profile form.
  • FIX: Change all http: references to https:
  • FIX: Removed the (WP) suffix from WP users, when using the %fullname% and %name% merge tags
  • FIX: Added a check to confirm that inbound messages are being sent to one of our Twilio numbers. If not message is ignored.
  • FIX: Duplicate messages being sent when Woocommerce order notifications are configured for orders in “processing” status.
  • FIX: Incorrect “messages still to be sent” value in Batch Manager view.
  • FIX: Notification messages not resolving the %name% merge tag correctly.
  • FIX: Problem where messages were not being send correctly, if “remove duplicates” was unchecked.
  • FIX: Problem with voice calls that contain special characters, such as ampersands.
  • FIX: Made “remove duplicates” the default and cannot be changed.
  • FIX: Fixed problem where blank email notifications were being sent for people subscribing using the JOTFORM.
  • FIX: Ensure Message History filters aren’t case sensitive.
  • FIX: Remove the activation logging call home.
  • FIX: Fixed php warning message generated by the sort in the Batch Manager code.

Version 3.3.0

  • NEW: Added Batch Manager view
  • NEW: Remove members from groups when the standard opt-out messages STOP, CANCEL etc are received.
  • NEW: Support for inbound MMS. Received media is displayed on the Message History tab.
  • NEW: Added new filter to allow “already subscribed” message to include data from submitted Gravity Form, rather than data held in the database.
  • NEW: Allow multiple conditions on Message Tab search. Search items separated by semi-colon, e.g Shakespeare;Stratford
  • NEW: Added option to send the ‘already subscribed’ message as a text message to jotform users.
  • NEW: Improve WordPress integration to allow phone number fields added by Toolset, to be used.
  • NEW: Change the way that WooCommerce integrates with JOT, a one-off sync between Woo and JOT is now required.
  • NEW: Added a link to open group details from the Messages tab.
  • NEW: Added a link to Twilio’s referral program.
  • NEW: Inbound message notifications now sent from the Twilio number receiving the inbound message.
  • FIX: Changed the colour scheme on the virtual phone.
  • FIX: Only load Javascript and CSS on JOT admin pages and frontend.
  • FIX: Remove unused Twilio callback code.
  • FIX: Remove duplicate messages for WordPress/WooCommerce/JOT groups.
  • FIX: Error caused when WordPress custom field name used in the user profile editor, is different to the name stored in the usermeta table.
  • FIX: Issue when Answer Machine Detection is enabled, but the recipient doesn’t say anything, so Twilio returns an “unknown answered by” status.
  • FIX: Changed the parameters on the get_replace_tags filter for WooCommerce notifications.

Version 3.2.0

  • NEW: Sorted the member list by member name and added sortable columns on the Member List tab.
  • NEW: Alphabetically sorted the groups and members on the Messages tab.
  • NEW: Added Emoji support for messages.
  • NEW: Change database collation to store emojis.
  • NEW: Create JOT groups based on WP user roles.
  • NEW: Allow existing WordPress phone meta fields be selected and used for populating groups.
  • NEW: Added mapping for opt-in field for Gravity Forms.
  • NEW: Added a drop-down of available Messaging Services.
  • NEW: Added automatic configuration of the inbound request URL to Messaging Services.
  • NEW: Added redirect to dashboard for Joy Of Text user roles, instead of to WooCommerce my-account page.
  • NEW: Improvements to the JOTTEXTUS contact form shortcode.
  • NEW: Added post related merge tags to Welcome Messages sent when a JOTFORM is submitted.
  • FIX: Stopped the ability to move/copy members into virtual groups.
  • FIX: Bug when saving WooCommerce Integration settings.
  • FIX: Improved the labelling and guidance on the WordPress Integration settings.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where the Message History status column was not updating for messages that received 404 errors from earlier status requests.
  • FIX: Added error checking, for situation where current settings were not being returned as an array.
  • FIX: Bug when sending welcome messages during member copy and move.
  • FIX: Changed the default history retention to 60 days for new installations.

Version 3.1.0

  • NEW: Removed the WooCommerce customer sync process and replaced it with a ‘virtual’ group containing customer details read directly from WooCommerce
  • NEW: Provide the option of sending WooCommerce order notifications as SMS or text-to-voice.
  • NEW: Added option to not receive notifications for inbound messages containing subscription or opt-out keywords.
  • NEW: Added confirmation code to the [[jotoptout]]  shortcode form.
  • NEW: Added column to the Group Manager indicating whether post notifications are enabled for each group. (Requires Notifier extension)
  • NEW: Added filter to change the WordPress meta field jot_profile_phonenumber to another user meta field.
  • NEW: Added pagesize parameter to Twilio call, allowing more than 50 Twilio numbers to be retrieved.
  • NEW: Added option to change the number of groups displayed in the Group Manager list.NEW: Added audit table to capture stats such as queue time, queue depth, message process time.
  • NEW: Added the capability to the Gravity Forms integration, to allow a group selection field on a Gravity Form to be mapped to JOT, allowing users to select the groups they want to subscribe to.
  • NEW: Added optional notice at the bottom of JOTFORM for GDPR compliance.
  • NEW: Added column filter to the recipients list on the Message tab.
  • NEW: Added option to exclude columns from the search (by clicking on the column) on the Messages tab.
  • FIX: Ensure characters such as spaces and brackets are removed from number before they are verified by Twilio.
  • FIX: Added group id parameter to jot_render_grouplisttabs filter.
  • FIX: Added fix for specifying the admin_url on Cloudflare hosted instances.
  • FIX: Changed the CDN URL for JQuery from http to https.
  • FIX: Added check to ensure that filters and hooks for WordPress Integration are only added when WP integration option is selected.
  • FIX: CSS bug on tooltips.
  • FIX: Change to add JOT user role and capabilities to all multisite subsite when the plugin is activated.
  • FIX: Fixed error where scheduled messages were being deleted by the message queue housekeeper.
  • FIX: Merge tags replacements are now case insensitive.
  • FIX: Countable PHP bug.
  • FIX: Trim Twilio details before saving.

Version 3.0.0

  • NEW: Included integration with the WordPress user database.
  • NEW: Added group search function
  • NEW: Added [[jotquicksend]] shortcode.
  • NEW: Added [[jotinbox]] shortcode
  • NEW: Allowed names to be specified on the Quick Sent page and shortcode
  • NEW: Added group member download link to the Member List tab
  • NEW: Added merge tags for meta data received from Twilio, in received text messages.
  • NEW: Added security feature (nonce) to front-end forms.
  • NEW: Added an option to enable Answer Machine Detection for outbound calls.
  • NEW: Separated the inbound message and new subscription notifications.
  • NEW: Added option to enable debugging from the settings.
  • FIX: Fixed bug which overwrote extended member data when adding members to auto-add groups
  • FIX: Added merge tags for extended member data (email, address etc) into the subscription notifications messages
  • FIX: Fixed bug on the Message History “Only show most recent message in each thread” filter.
  • FIX: Removed unused CSS files and added CDN path for JQuery UI CSS.
  • FIX: Added extra check to eliminate a Twilio error when sending welcome messages, after receiving a text message.
  • FIX: Corrected field max length sizes on Member List tab.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug where an inbound MMS, containing only a picture, would cause the inbound number to be subscribed to groups with a blank keyword.

Version 2.25.0

  • NEW: Added “Select number” drop-down on the Messages tab, allowing a Twilio number to be selected, rather than using the default Twilio number.
  • NEW: Added a “Jump to Group” drop-down on the Group Manager page.
  • NEW: Changed keyword for opting-out of all groups to “leave all”.
  • NEW: Added support for multi-word opt outs.
  • NEW: Added support for multi-word text subscriptions.
  • NEW: Allow an admin group to be specified, replacing single Admin number.
  • NEW: Allow notifications to be sent to a group, rather than to an individual number.
  • NEW: Merge tags, such as %firstname% added to admin send message commands.
  • NEW: Added an “already subscribed” message for members subscribing by text message.
  • NEW: Added “delete member from all groups” buttons.
  • NEW: Added a new notification, sent to admins, when a member unsubscribes.
  • FIX: Added sender ID for send_to_group messages.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug in the Member List update option, which allowed two members to have the same phone number.
  • FIX: Improved handling of phone numbers on the virtual phone when using Messaging Services

Version 2.24.0

  • NEW: Enhancements [[jotgroupsend]] shortcode. Added “member_select=yes” parameter to show all group members
  • NEW: Redesigned [[jotform]] shortcode form.
  • NEW: Added option for a subscription confirmation code when using form to subscribe.
  • NEW: Added filter hooks before messages are sent.
  • NEW: Added filter hook triggered after a member has been deleted.
  • NEW: Added the additional member details fields to the group CSV download file.
  • NEW: New members subscribing through the webform, are added to ‘auto-add’ groups.
  • NEW: Removed the auto-add groups reply message, instead the auto-add groups’s welcome message is used.
  • NEW: Add subscription manager command. Allowing members to text in keyword which will show them their groups subscription details.
  • NEW: Added subscription manager merge tag, %jot_submgr%.
  • NEW: Increased maximum message size to 1600 characters in database tables.
  • FIX: Improved processing of messages on the Message Tab to reduce the impact of server time-outs
  • FIX: Fixed bug where group metadata was not deleted, when a group was deleted from Group Manager.
  • FIX: Fixed bug where the selected Twilio number was being added to ‘auto add’ groups by the Notifier extension.
  • FIX: Removed ‘audio not found’ message on Message History tab, when no audio file has been selected.

Version 2.23.1

  • FIX: Changed format of the version numbers.
  • FIX: History table not being created since version 2.0.23 on new installs.

Version 2.0.23

  • NEW: Added System Info page in Settings to help support requests.
  • NEW: Added a “Quick Send” tab, allowing numbers to be entered without first adding them to groups
  • NEW: Group send short code, providing a means of sending a message to a whole group.
  • NEW: Group opt out short code.
  • NEW: Added capability to drip feed messages, rather than send them all in one go. (To be fully enabled in V2.0.24)
  • NEW: Captured more data in the message history as a precursor to better reporting in a v2.0.24
  • NEW: Added action hooks which are called when members subscriber or are added.
  • NEW: Added 3 second pause before hanging up a text-to-voice or audio file call.
  • NEW: Added button to configure SMS URL, allowing inbound messages to be received by the plugin.
  • FIX: Fixed bug where welcome messages were being sent twice.
  • FIX: Fixed bug where a parameter was missing from some get_replace_tags function calls.
  • FIX: Fixed bug when sending welcome messages after submitting a mapped Gravity Form.
  • FIX: Fixed bug when displaying group details.

Version 2.0.22

  • NEW: Added configurable email subject line for inbound message notification.
  • NEW: Added option to select a number for each group, which will be used to send ‘welcome messages’ from.
  • NEW: Added Woocommerce order notifications, sent to customers and admins.
  • NEW: Added new jottextus shortcode. The shortcode adds a front end contact form. Completed forms can be texted to site admins.
  • NEW: Added sound notifications to the Message History ‘virtual phone’ for send and received messages.
  • NEW: Licence keys from the master site are now shared across all subsites in a multisite installation.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in SMS subscription code.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in rendering of fields for extensions. (Ensured return type is array).
  • FIX: Added name back into virtual phone title.
  • FIX: Moved front-end strings into function and added filter.
  • FIX: Fixed problem with mapping Gravity Forms to JOT form fields.
  • FIX: Made the group invite redirect URL field up to 500 characters long.
  • FIX: Allowed “Welcome SMS” to be upto 640 characters.
  • FIX: Simplified message length counter.

  Version 2.0.21

  • NEW: Added support for Twilio’s Messaging Services. (See
  • NEW: Support for creating schedule plans in the Scheduler Extension.
  • NEW: Added index on member table, to speed up history retrieval
  • NEW: Hidden the Sender ID field when country code is US (Twilio do not support Sender IDs in the US)
  • NEW: Changed Woo sync log to option variable rather than file.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Message History sort sequence
  • FIX: Fixed bug in the remove duplicates processing.
  • FIX: Simplified code for the ‘virtual phone’ on the Message History tab.
  • FIX: Changed the way %firstname% and %lastname% tags are split for multipart names.
  • FIX: Ensure message length is restricted to 640 characters.

Version 2.0.20

  • NEW: Added ability to move, copy and delete members between/from groups, as a bulk action.
  • NEW: Added option to choose if welcome messages are sent when members manually added, moved or copied into groups.
  • NEW: Added warning notice if licence key isn’t activated
  • NEW: Added licence check when opening the Settings tab.
  • NEW: Changes to the Get Started settings tab, providing guidance about how to setup the plugin.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug which hid the message type options for the Group Invite welcome messages.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Message History filtered searches

Version 2.0.19

  • Redesigned the layout of the settings pages, separating settings into tabs.
  • Added option to redirect to another page after successful subscription.
  • Added new merge tags for jot_groupid, jot_groupname and jot_groupdesc.
  • Changed the opt-out processing, so the ‘remove’ keyword is no longer needed.

Version 2.0.18

  • Integration with Gravity Forms.
  • Allowed multiple group subscriptions from input form.
  • Provide merge tags for the extended info field in messages.
  • Simplified the query behind the Message History tab.

Version 2.0.17

  • Fix multisite bug.
  • Changed time zone to WordPress local default rather than GMT.
  • Fixed bug in variables within the subscription welcome message.
  • Fixed bug in Welcome message when over 160 characters entered.
  • Fixed bugs in the ‘select members’ dialog on the Messages tab.
  • Changed the way duplicate numbers are removed. Now removed when messages are being queued.

Version 2.0.16

  • Scheduler bug fix

Version 2.0.15

  • Add Woocommerce integration. Sync’ing Woo customers to be added to JOT groups.
  • Enabled selection of all media types for MMS messages.
  • Show message price when hovering over the status field on the History tab.
  • Added subscriber notifications. SMS or email send to admin when new member subscribes to a group.
  • Added the additional member info fields as option subscription form fields.

Version 2.0.14

  • Bug fix. Tables not being created during lite to pro upgrade.
  • Added %firstname% and %lastname% tags for routed email and SMS messages

Version 2.0.13

  • Adding support for the JOT Scheduler extension plugin
  • Adding SQLite support
  • Added option to select which tab is opened when the plugin is started.
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.0.11

  • Changed to the bulk upload, slicing uploads into batches and providing upload status.
  • Fixed problem with email forwarding.

Version 2.0.12

  • Consolidated major release

Version 2.0.10g

  • Pre 2.0.11 release Beta release to selected customers

Version 2.0.10f

  • Allow group subscriptions by texting in a specified keyword.
  • Allowed either number or email to be used for message routing.
  • Added spinner to ‘virtual phone’ on message history tab.
  • Fixed bug where duplicate numbers were being added.
  • Changed the select recipients dialog to allow searches.
  • Changed character set and collation on the JOT tables to support unicode characters.

Version 2.0.10e

  • Added option to simplify message history.
  • Added member name (if known) on message history.

Version 2.0.10d

  • Included default sender ID used for welcome and opt-out messages
  • Normalised the data by separating members into their own table.
  • Added Twilio number verification and country codes.

Version 2.0.10c

  • Added option to automatically add inbound SMS numbers to chosen groups.
  • Added welcome message for new inbound SMS numbers.
  • Made the routed SMS message configurable by an admin.
  • Added new commands for sending an SMS remotely @number #id /memid/

Version 2.0.10b

  • Updated remote command syntax to allow forward slashes “/” or square brackets “[]” to be used for command
  • Added a link to sent media in Message History
  • Added field reset button on Messages tab
  • Changed date format to MM-DD-YYYY on Message History
  • Added extended member information.

Version 2.0.10a

  • Added email notification for inbound messages.

Version 2.0.10

  • Included new user role and capabilities for Multisite.
  • Change Network Activation, creating custom tables for each subsite
  • Included MMS messaging
  • Included logo option
  • Sender ID on SMS and MMS

Version 2.0.9

  • Added %firstname%, %lastname% and %fullname% variables for inclusion in messages

Version 2.0.8

  • Included voice gender and language options for text-to-voice messages
  • Included group member download button

Version 2.0.7

  • Included filtering on Message History and a history retention option

Version 2.0.6

  • Included ability to enter multiple numbers separated by commas on the input form

Version 2.0.5

  • Included Group opt-out keywords