JOTTEXTUS contact form shortcode

The Joy Of Text Pro plugin provides a shortcode which creates a contact form. When visitors enter their details into the form (name, phone and message), those details are sent by SMS to the admin user group (configured on the Messaging-Settings-Notification Settings tab).

The format of the shortcode, that you embed into your WordPress page is:

[[jottextus group_id=<group id> open_button_text='Send Us Your Question!' title_text='Please enter your message'  name_text='Enter your name'  number_text='Enter your number' message_text='Enter your message' send_button_text='Send It!!!' popup=true]]
  • title_text: The title of the contact form window
  • group_id: An optional group_id. The number entered into the form will be added into this group and any auto-add groups you have configured.
  • open_button_text:The text shown on the form open button.
  • name_text: The text for your name field.
  • number_text: The text for the number field.
  • message_text: The text for the message field.
  • send_button_text: The text for the send button
  • popup: Will open a popup form. Setting to false will create a form within the page.
This will display a button, as shown below.
When the button is pressed, the form pops up, allowing the visitor to ask their question.

In the JOT Notification Settings you can choose who to send your received messages to and you can select the format of the message you’ll receive.

In the image shown below, you’ll notice the merge tags %name, %number% and %message%, those are replaced by the values entered into the webform.

The message will be received from your Twilio number. To reply back to the website visitor, from your Twilio number you’d send a text in the format

[web visitors number] Your message

[077905429999] Thank you for visiting our site. We’re open from 9 until 5 everyday.