You can create a form allowing you to enter phone numbers, names and message, similar to the Quick Send form on the Messages tab.
When the form is submitted, the message will be send to all of the numbers you’ve entered.
You can optionally enter the name of the recipient after each number.
Number and name should be separated by a comma and only one number/name should be entered on each line.
Quick Send Shortcode
An example of the short code format is shown below:
[jotquicksend numbers_text_title='Enter you numbers below' numbers_text_placeholder='e.g. George Harrison,07790423221' message_text_title='Enter your message below' message_text_placeholder='Type your message here']


  • numbers_text_title is the title of the field where numbers are entered (optional field)
  • numbers_text_placeholder is the guidance text, added shown in the numbers field (optional field).
  • message_text_title is the title of the message field (optional field)
  • message_text_placeholder is the guidance text, added shown in the message text field (optional field).