New in Version 3.3.0

  The Joy Of Text Pro plugin, version 3.3.0 contains a number of new features and fixes. The most significant are described below. WooCommerce Integration. In recent versions of the Joy Of Text Pro, an option was included in the Settings, that would create a dynamic group containing all WooCommerce […]

New in the Joy Of Text Pro V3.1.0

Version 3.1.0 includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The most significant changes are: The integration with WooCommerce has been improved. Rather than having to keep JOT and Woocommerce in sync, JOT creates a ‘virtual’ group, automatically populated with your WooCommerce customer details. See here for more details. […]

V2.0.15 currently in development…

Version 2.0.15 of the Joy Of Text Pro is currently under development.  The new features being developed include: Enabled selection of all media types for MMS messages, allowing all media files supported by Twilio to be selected and send (US and Canada only). Show message price when hovering over the […]