Joy Of Text Pro

New in the Joy Of Text Pro V3.0.0

The Joy Of Text Pro, Version 3.0.0, includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The significant enhancements are described below.   WordPress user database integration Version 3.0.0 integrates JOT with the WordPress user database. A new tab has been added to the Settings, allowing you to enable integration. […]

New in the Joy Of Text Pro V2.24.0

There are a number of new features in the new release of V2.24.0. Enhancements to the shortcode The format of the shortcode, used for accepting new subscribers, has been redesigned, giving it a more modern look and feel.   The shortcode can now accept multiple groups, allowing users to select […]

V2.0.23 overview

Version 2.0.23 of the Joy Of Text Pro has now been released. The main new addition, is the “Quick Send” feature, added to the Messages Tab. Using this feature, you can enter a list of phone numbers and send a message to them directly, without first adding them into a […]

Schedule Plans

  The Schedule Extension, now allows “schedule plans” to be created. A schedule plan allows you to send out a series of messages to group members, based on the date when they joined the group. The joining date could be the day when they first subscribed, or the date when […]

A new version of the Joy Of Text Pro plugin is available for download.

The new version includes the following features: The ability to move, copy and delete members between/from groups, as a bulk action. (Go to Group Manager, click on a group and go to Member List tab). The option to choose if welcome messages are sent when members manually added, moved or […]