JOT Woocommerce Integration

If you have Woocommerce installed, the Woocommerce tab will be shown. The Woocommerce tab allows you to configure SMS notifications for new orders and allows you to synchronise your Woocommerce customers into a Joy Of Text group

Configuring Notifications

You can choose to send SMS notifications to your Woocommerce customers and to a group of JOT users (for example, a group of administrators or shop staff).

Select the Woocommerces order statuses that you’d like to send notifications for. The options are:

  • Orders in hold status
  • Orders in pending status
  • Orders in processing status
  • Orders in completed status

In the “Enter your notification message”, you can enter the format of the SMS message that will be sent to the customer placing the order.  The message can contain a number of merge tags. For example


  • %woo_cust_firstname% – the first name of your Woocommerce customer
  • %woo_cust_lastname% – the last name of the Woocommerce customer
  • %woo_cust_number% – the Woocommerce customer’s phone number.

Click here for full list of merge tags.


Woo Notifications

Configuring Woocommerce to JOT synchronisation

To synchronise your Woocommerce customers into the JOT plugin, click on the “Woocommerce” tab and select your JOT group.  All of your Woocommerce customers’ details (name and the billing phone number) will be pulled into this JOT group.

You can choose to merge the Woo customers into the JOT group or you can choose to delete all of the existing members from the JOT group, before the Woo customers details are copied.

When you’ve selected your options, press the “Save Settings” button.

Pressing the “Sync Woocommerce to JOT now” button will pull all of your customers’ details from Woo into JOT. Depending on the size of your customer base, this may take a view minutes. The results of the synchronisation are then displayed in the lower part of the screen.

Each time an Woocommerce order is completed, the customer details will be added to the JOT group automatically. Therefore when you first install the plugin, it may be best to perform a manual synchronisation first, then allow the new customers to be added automatically.


Woocommerce Sync