JOT and Gravity Forms integration

If you have Gravity Forms (GF) installed, you can create a JOT user group and use a Gravity Form to invite your users to subscribe to the group. For example, in the image below, the Gravity Form called “Registration” is being used to collect user input for the selected Joy Of Text group.

JOT Pro and Gravity Forms integration

To use a Gravity Form to collect subscription details:
  • Create a Gravity Form form, which includes a phone number field.
  • In JOT, go to the Group Manager tab and create a group or select an existing group.
  • Click on the Gravity Forms sub-tab.
  • Select a Gravity Form from the drop down list. The screen will refresh, showing all of the fields JOT can accept and drop down showing all of the fields available in the Gravity Form.
  • Map the JOT fields to the Gravity Form. Data entered into the Gravity Form by an end user, will be used to populate the corresponding mapped JOT field.
  • Save your mappings.
  • Display the GF form on your site, enter and submit the data as normal. When users enter their phone numbers into the Gravity Form, the phone number is sent to Twilio, for verification. Assuming a valid phone number has been entered, the data will be added to the JOT group and a “welcome” message will be sent (if configured).