JOT Comparison

The table below compares the features of the JOT Lite and JOT Pro plugins.


FeatureJOT LiteJOT Pro
Send SMS messagesYesYes
Send text-to-voice messagesYesYes
Number verificationYesYes
Accents and language selection for text-to-voiceYesYes
Configurable subscription 'welcome' SMS messageYesYes
Send audio filesNoYes
Send MMS messagesNoYes
Create GroupsNo, one created by default.Yes, unlimited
Create subscriber formsYes - one form can be createdYes - one form per group
Integration with WordPress user database.NoYes
Support for Twilio's Messaging Services CopilotNoYes
Subscribe to group via SMSNoYes
Receive SMS messagesNoYes
Automatic updates from Wordpress dashboardNoYes
Route inbound SMS messages to a mobile phone or email.NoYes
Text Sender IDs (replacing your number with a text string)NoYes
Auto-subscribe groupsNoYes
Remote message send to groupsNoYes
Remote message send to individual numbersNoYes
Searchable message historyNoYes
"virtual phone" showing two-way SMS messagingNoYes
Configurable group opt-out keywordsNoYes
Configurable group opt-out 'goodbye' messageNoYes
Subscribe by SMS keywordsNoYes
Extended member information, such as email, address, city.NoYes
Bulk user import from fileNoYes
Bulk user import using input formsNoYes
Gravity Forms integrationNoYes
Woocommerce integration?Yes - via extensionYes - built in
Message scheduling?Yes - via extensionYes - via extension
New Post SMS NotificationsYes - via extensionYes - via extension