This extension allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a future date and time, great if you want to send regular batches of messages or messages overnight, when you don’t want to be sat in front of the computer!

The Scheduler extension also allows you to create a ‘schedule plan’. A schedule plan allows you to send out a series of messages to group members, based on the date when they joined the group. The joining date could be the day when they first subscribed, or the date when you, as the site administrator, manually added them to the group.

The extension plugin adds new fields to the existing JOT messaging screen, allowing you to specify a description for your schedule and to select the time and date when the schedule will run.

You can also specify whether you want the schedule to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or annually.


Joy Of Text Scheduler Extension fields

A new tab, the “Schedule Manager”, allows you to see the status of your schedule and the status of completed scheduled jobs.


Joy Of Text Scheduler Extension - Schedule Manager View


The image below shows an example of a schedule plan for a group called “Schedule Planner Test Group”. The plan consists of 6 items; messages will be sent out to members, 1 day after the joined the group, 2 days after they joined etc.


Version requirements.

The extension requires either:

If you are an existing Pro user using version 2.0.12 or below, please email to receive the latest version of the Pro plugin. If you are a 2.0.12 user, then upgrade to the latest version through the WordPress dashboard.


Installing the JOT Scheduler

Install the plugin just as you would any other WordPress plugin. From the WordPress dashboard, click Plugins-Add New, then Upload plugin and browse to the zip file you downloaded from this site.  Then activate the plugin.

Click here for further details about configuring the Scheduler Extension.


Merge Tags

The JOT Scheduler Extension, adds some additional merge tags that can be included in you messages. These include:

  • %date% – the date when the message is sent.
  • %time% – the time when the message is sent
  • %timestamp% – The timestamp of when the message is sent.

See Supported Merge Tags for the full list.


Download Stats

The has been downloaded 201 times!


The small print.

Since refunds will not be issued after the completion of an order, please contact if you require further clarification about the plugin’s features before purchasing.

Licence renewals are available with a discount of 30% off the current sale price.


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Joy Of Text Message Scheduler Extension
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Version : 1.0
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