Using JOT from your mobile

Commands can be sent to the plugin from a specified cell number. For example, from your mobile, you can send a text message to your Twilio number containing a command to send a message to all members of a JOT group.

The remote commands you can send to the plugin allow:

  • A message to be send to a group or to an individual number.
  • You to retrieve a list of all of the JOT groups you’ve created. The list will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS message.
  • Get a list of all of the members of a selected group. You’ll receive the group members in an SMS message.

Configuring Twilio’s Inbound SMS settings

To enable remote commands, you must configure Twilio to send SMS messages it has received, to the plugin. To do this, login to your Twilio account and select your numbers.

Select a number and in the “Inbound Settings” section, enter into the “A Message Comes In” field. This will route any SMS messages (inbound messages) send to your Twilio number, to the JOT plugin.




The commands available are:

#(number)(message) – This command will send the message to the specified number. For example #07790532801 Hi there %name% thanks for your message

@(user id)(message) – This command will send the message to the specified member’s phone.

[get groups {search string}]. This command, send from the specified admin number, to the JOT plugin, will retrieve a list of all of the groups configured within the plugin.

Optionally, if the search string is specified, all groups containing the search string in the name of the group, will be returned.

For example [get groups cust] – will return all groups, where the group name contains the string ‘cust’.

The group list is returned to the admin number as an SMS message. The message contains as unique identifier of each group (the groupid) and the group name.

[get group (groupid) {search string}]. If only the groupid is specified, this command will retrieve all members of the group with that groupid.

For example [get group 50] will retrieve all of the member details (name and cell number) of the group number 50.

By specifying the optional {search string} parameter, only the members whose name contains the search string will be returned.

For example [get group 50 john] will return the details of messages whose name contains ‘john’ within group number 50.

[send group (groupid)] (message). This command will send an SMS message to all members of the given group (specified by the groupid). All of the text after the command
is sent in the SMS message.

For example, [send group 50]Hello everyone. Due to the weather, training is cancelled today. This command will send everyone in group 50, a message telling them they have the morning off!

All command responses are limited to 320 character SMS messages. All responses over 320 characters, will be truncated.

Commands can be enclosed in square brackets [] or forward slashes //, for example

[get groups] or /get groups/

Configuring your Admin Number

The remote commands you send to JOT, can only be sent from the mobile phone number you specify in the JOT Settings.

Login to your WordPress site. Click on the Messaging link and go into Settings-General Settings.

Enter your mobile phone number into the Admin Number field.

This is the number from which you can send the commands outline above to the JOT plugin.